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Project Rescue & Adopt

I have always loved animals and enjoyed volunteering my time. In November 2013, I started taking photos for the  Manchester, CT Animal Control and I have enjoyed every moment of it. I can't tell you how amazing it feels when an animal finds their forever home. I absolutely love being apart of that process and making sure that these wonderful animals get a second chance at a great family.

"ActRegal Photography- Manchester, CT Animal Control owes you so much THANKS. Your photos are so beautiful! The time you offer up freely to our shelter can never be repaid to the fullest extent of the honor you deserve! These photos, like all of the others, are just beyond what words can express! Priceless- that is what you are to our organization!" You can visit their Facebook page to view their adoptable dogs  and happy tails here at Manchester, CT Animal Control

I am happy to support and give my time to Rescues and Shelters! If you are in need of a photographer or if you have any fundraiser ideas that you'd like to discuss please feel free to contact me. 

A special thank you to my assistant Kylie Schmidt for her help, support, and time. Kylie truly helps me to be able to capture the true essence and personality of each animal. Behind the scenes photos are taken by Kylie Schmidt. 

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I am thrilled to be an Aspiring Member of HeARTs Speak, please  take a moment and visit their website HeARTs Speak.

About HeARTs Speak: “We have the ability to save lives through a medium that speaks volumes. The soft eyes of an animal can convey trust, love and desire for companionship. A camera can wordlessly translate that in a powerful way. The creativity and passion of an artist’s eye is a brilliant bridge for animals that have been underestimated or cast aside. A picture really can speak a thousand words directly and succinctly. A compelling photograph can reach into the heart of a potential adopter and bring an animal one step closer to a long life outside the shelter. An artist can be a life-changer, and that is priceless.

HeARTs Speak was created to harness the power of art to effect social change, to connect artists with shelters and animal relief organizations, and ultimately, to save and better the lives of animals and people.” — HeARTsSpeak

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The above pictures are before and after photos of Oscar (left) and Elvis (right). 

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