The Story Of Bunny

As a pet lover and photographer I set out to donate my time to local shelters in hopes to help animals find their second chance at a forever home. The first shelter I visited and took photographs at was Manchester ,CT Animal Control. Kylie, my assistant, and I arrived to meet Jenn Norton one of the control officers. Little did I know that this would change my life. There were several dogs that needed to be photographed and in particular a dog that had been at the shelter for several months. Her name was Bunny, for her long ears. Jenn brought Bunny out bouncing and beaming with joy. Months in the shelter had not diminished the joy this dog had for life and for people. She gave some kisses and wiggled her cute little but. I went home thinking how I desperately wanted all of these dogs to find amazing homes that they deserved. I edited all the pictures and created a Facebook cover photo of Bunny. The shelter was eager to have her placed as she had been at the facility for quite some time.

On the other side of town was Erika and her family. They were going through a terrible time having to make the devastating decision to put down their 14 year old pit bull. After saying goodbye to Cain, Erika saw the cover photo of Bunny. She fell instantly in love with her adorable face, even though she swore it was just too soon for another dog. Erika and I have known each other through a mutual friend and I have taken photos of her family before. She contacted me asking if she was as cute and sweet as the photo displayed. I of course said yes gushing over the cute Bunny! She made an appointment to visit and as they say the rest is history. January 9th 2014 Bunny went home. Almost a year later I was able to see her and take some photos of her with her new family. She is now Princess Eva Ear long. Eva for short. She is one happy little pit bull. She absolutely LOVES her family especially their son and her person Mason.

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